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Used Hoist Equipment

  • We can re-engineer and update your used hoist for a new application using current technology

Source Used Hoist Equipment

  • We have access to a number of used equipment sources which makes it easy for you to select a hoist that suits your needs

Evaluation of Used Hoists

  • Prior to the purchasing of any used hoist, we can complete a field evaluation of the equipment.  If you are considering a used hoist, we can provide a detailed evaluation and recommendations for upgrades to meet your project needs.

Used Equipment (Other)

  • We can assist you with sourcing and evaluating other used equipment such as:   
    • Electrical switch gears
    • Electrical motors AC/DC
    • MG sets
    • Compressors
    • Mills
    • Sheaves
    • Conveyances
    • Headframes


New Equipment

If your project requires new equipment we can assist you with full engineering support from specification to tender packages and vendor reviews.

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